Situs Judi Online Casino Online Who Gets Gratification? 6 Tips About Who Gets Tips

Who Gets Gratification? 6 Tips About Who Gets Tips

Here are 6 people who would be very helpful if given a little incentive.

#1 Cab/Limo Drivers- These are the backbone of the city. They are very connected and have the finger on the pulse of what’s going on, where the hot spots are and who can get you in. To maximize their potential, I recommend a 15% fee. Worth the investment.

#2 Bell Hops- A little goes a long way with these guys. Don’t make the mistake of trying to carry your own bags, this casino is as big as a mall. Think of the stress you won’t have with the $2-$5 fees .

#3 Valet-Back in the days when the crowd controlled the city  . They have all the connections and can get you anything you want! They even have to practically bribe their boss to get a good shift because they make so much money in tips. Things have calmed down a bit but this hard-working car runner is still a great resource for what you need to know and who to talk to when you need something.

#4 Bartender/Waitress-No need to tell you why you need to tell this mixologist and server. For great service, conversation and a healthy splash of good stuff you should tip $1-$2 per round.

#5 Slot Change Person-If you win a hand jackpot get 3-5% of it to ensure good karma These people are very considerate and will work hard for you if you treat them right. victory and go!

#6 Casino-Playing casino games with live dealers is a great time. Bartenders are rich in knowledge and are usually great conversationalists. They have the ability to offer great tips and gambling advice that can lead to big wins at the table. Players who tip are often called George’s which comes from a reference to a dollar of money. There are two ways to tip your dealer, one is called a hand in which means you tip the dealer. Others bet for them, most casinos let the dealer bet their tip with your hand and if you win they get double. Ask them which one they want. When tipping your dealer, it is a good rule to bet the next denomination down your bet for them. You bet $5 then bet $1 on them, you bet $25 bet $5 on them and so on. Of course no dealer expects you to tip if you lose.

There are so many people in the hospitality industry who rely on tips. Remember that it’s a service industry and if the service isn’t great then don’t feel obligated to tip, but if the person has offered great service and is entertaining or helpful give a little and you’ll get a lot!

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