Situs Judi Online Judi Bola Types of Football Gambling Betting

Types of Football Gambling Betting

Types of Football Gambling Betting

After you know the history of soccer gambling, you also need to know about the various types of soccer betting bets. The reason is, online soccer betting is not limited to guessing which team will come out the winner. These various types of soccer gambling bets have their respective goals. For more details, read on for the explanation below.


The first type of bet in soccer betting is handicap. This type of soccer gambling bet is the most popular of the other types. The reason is, this bet is the most simple and easy to do. The trick is just to guess which team will be the winner.

To be able to win this type of soccer gambling bet, you need to be updated about football news. That way you can know the performance of the team that is playing. So, you can guess which team will win more accurately. In fact, you can even subscribe to a football newspaper to know the performance of other teams.

Over Under

The type of soccer gambling bet that is no less popular, the next one is over under. When translated into Indonesian, this game is called more or less. Then what is meant by more or less in this game?

As the name implies, this game is very easy. You just have to guess over or under . For example, in an ongoing match, the bookie gives 3 goals for this game. So you only need to guess, whether the total goals, when the long whistle is blown are under 3 or over more.

half time

Online soccer betting bets that you can follow are half time or half matches. As the name implies, this type of bet is only half a match or 1 × 45 minutes. The rules of the game are the same as for handicap betting, but only for matches.

For example, you guess you are following a half time bet. Later you have to guess who the winning team is when one round is over. Even though in full time, your chosen team loses, but if half time wins, then you still have the right to win.

Odd Even

As the name implies, odd-even or odd-even is a type of soccer betting bet that only needs to shoot between odd or even. So, you need to guess., the score generated in a match is odd or even.

For example, when you follow an odd even soccer bet, you choose odd or odd. But in a match the score is 1-3 which means the total is 4. Then your guess is wrong, because the right one is even or even .

Correct score

The last type of soccer betting bet is correct score. The method is quite easy, namely guessing the score of a match. If odd even guesses whether it is odd or even, then over under guesses whether it is less or more, then this trauma requires predicting the exact score of the match.

For example, a soccer bookie will make bets ranging from numbers 1 to 4 for a match. Bettors need to think in advance how many goals will be created, you can choose Numbers 1 to 4. If you think that the score that will occur in the match is more than the number given by the dealer, then you can use AOS or any other score to choose the number .