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Power to the People – User Reviews and Online Dating

Last week a friend asked me if I thought dating was harder today than it was when our parents were. I don’t have an answer because I wasn’t around when my parents were dating, but that hasn’t stopped me from discussing the matter. While I may have confused my friend with my roundabout answer, the result was that it led us to another discussion where I did have a more evidence-based point of view.

Conversation centered on soccer betting sitesproliferation of user review sites on the Internet. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of niche sites available to the general public to assess everything from restaurants to contractors to college faculty. Other sites represent a broader consumer rating site that allows users to provide feedback on various products and services. As user review sites continue to gain popularity, they have a material impact on the reputation of businesses and individuals. claims to have more than 7 million reviews and is visited by more than 25 million people every month. Rate My Professors confirms that they maintain nearly 7 million student-generated ratings from over 1 million professors consulted by millions of students before planning their schedule.

What I’m trying to make is that before buying that new gadget, trying out a trendy new restaurant or signing up for Economics 101 it’s not only possible, but likely, that someone will verify the reputation of the object or person of interest before making a decision. What I don’t understand is why people don’t do the same due diligence when deciding who to date. I mean, come on, what could be more important than choosing the person with whom you might spend the rest of your waking days?

As with review sites, there are hundreds of online dating and social networking sites that are visited by millions of people every day. I’m not suggesting that users of this service don’t think about who they are with at this point, but I’m willing to bet they haven’t spent any significant time – beyond the necessary Google search – investigating their latest love interest.

What gives, people? Are you telling me you won’t like reading Yelp-like reviews about strangers with whom you’ll be spending your precious free time. I’m sure you’ll religiously check CitySearch or Zagat before visiting a new restaurant, so why not get a guide on how other singles view their encounters with the person you’re about to date? Who knows better than your predecessors whether your date is a lover or a coward? Is he an open book or emotionally unavailable? Is he a hopeless romantic or a poor bastard?

It is estimated that as much as 10% of online data is scammers and other unwanted things. While some sites like distinguish themselves by conducting background checks on customers, many experts believe that such checks are unreliable and do not flag members who have a clean record (i.e., have never been convicted of a crime), nevertheless it is the ones you don’t want. I don’t want your best friends to date (think married men, bitches). This is where the power of Web 2.0 can be harnessed to create user review sites geared specifically for the dating community. By facilitating the sharing of information about the reputation of singles,