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Online Poker Tools

Online Poker has many advantages over the typical poker played in a “brick-and-mortar” casino. Apart from the fast-paced gameplay that allows you to see four times as many hands in an hour, or even the ability to play at multiple tables at the same time, the biggest advantage of all is the variety of online poker tools available to online poker players. These poker tools have the ability to take your poker game, both online and off, to a level you may never have thought was possible. Even better, most online poker players don’t bother to learn about these poker tools which means you will get instant profits.

Poker Odds Calculator

The poker odds calculator is a simple  online poker tool to start using and will quickly take your game to the next level. A Poker Calculator is generally a program you download that will run its software on top of your poker client and display, in real-time, the pot odds at your poker table. With more advanced poker odds calculators, this software will even suggest the right games for you to take. When deciding what poker calculator to use, the most important factor is if the calculator is compatible with your favorite poker client, followed by what additional features the tool includes.

Poker Tracker

Poker trackers are another great tool which when used to its full potential and will give you a tremendous advantage against your opponents. In its basic form, a poker tracker compiles your poker hand history and allows you to view important statistics such as win rate, return on investment (ROI) on a given position, and average profit/loss for each hand. This is very helpful for poker players who want to improve their overall game. While we could stop here as good enough reasons to use a poker tracker, a poker tracker still offers its users a lot more.

There are several additional programs available for poker trackers that allow them to compile invaluable statistics on their opponents, and even display these statistics live on the poker table. Knowing your opponent’s pre-flop percentage raise, or ROI, will create a terrible competitive advantage.

Buddy List, etc…

While poker odds calculators and poker trackers are the most common and useful online poker tools you will use, there are many other tools available to use in your arsenal. One such tool is a poker buddy list. This tool allows you to track your favorite “fish” on various poker clients and notify you when they are playing so you can follow them around and harvest their money.

It is important to research the various poker tools and decide which one you want to implement in your game. Whether you decide to use just one, or a few, the competitive advantage you gain from these tools will easily offset any initial costs you may incur.