Situs Judi Online Casino Online How to Play Casino Online Well For Beginners

How to Play Casino Online Well For Beginners

How to play a good online casino for beginners, you can learn everything, through the best articles that you can read and understand so that you can get big wins and profits.

Casino gambling can be said to be the type of game that has the most demand, plus games Ion Casino This can also make you a millionaire in a short time if you get maximum results while playing.

Actually there are lots of Asian online casino games that you can play, where you will find all the explanations from our discussion as below.


Is a type of game where using cards as a means or tool to play, on this one bet you have to place a bet or bet on the following three possibilities:

  • Player (condition where the player chooses the player as a bet with a payout of
  • 1:1).
    Tie Or Draw (tie can be obtained if the card value is the same).
  • Banker (the condition of the player choosing the banker as his bet, the payout ratio here is 1: 1).
  • As we already know the highest value in this baccarat game is 9, if the value of the card obtained is more than that value, it must be reduced by 10, such as: 14 = 4, 13 = 3.


One type of casino game that many people play, this live roulette game certainly cannot be missed where the types of bets that you can play here are as follows:

  • Straight Bet (guess 1 number from the result of the roulette round).
  • Line Bet (place a bet on 6 vertical numbers).
  • Dozen Bet (play with dozens of bets).
  • Red Black (guess the exact ending of the roulette round in the red or black
  • column).
  • Odd Even (guessing odd and even numbers).
  • Big Small (the big number in this roulette game is 19-37, and the small number is
  • 1-18, where you have to place a bet between 2 choices).
  • Split Bet (take a guess on the 2 numbers that will come out).
  • Street Bet (guess 3 numbers that will come out).

All the roulette bets above have different payouts and one of the highest paying bets is the direct bet, because you have to guess 1 number and of course it takes a lot of luck, right?


This one bet can be said to be a very popular game in China, this game also has various types of interesting bets that you should not miss, namely:

  • Big Small (betting on big or small numbers).
  • Odd Even (betting on odd and even values).
  • Single Bet (place 1 number in bet).
  • Double Bet (placing 2 numbers in a bet).
  • Triple Bet (placing 3 twin numbers).

For this online sicbo casino game, one of the bets with the highest winning payout is Triple, because here you have to predict 3 twin numbers, of course, it’s not an easy thing to get.