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Use a little betting capital for online soccer gambling

Use a little betting capital for online soccer gamblingUse a little betting capital for online soccer gambling

If you are in doubt but still want to participate in betting on soccer gambling. Especially if it was a big team match in a big league. You should target how much money you can use as betting capital later.

Use a small betting capital if you are still in doubt. People who choose and guess the final score with confidence and believe in their guess do not necessarily win the bet, let alone those who still have doubts about it. Feelings of doubt can make you wrong in setting the score.

Those are some brief explanations and tips about correct score bets which are no less popular in online soccer betting and conventional soccer betting. By having this knowledge, you can be a bit ahead of other bettors although it doesn’t guarantee anything. Anything can happen during a football match.

Do you intend to play soccer gambling? It is undeniable, in addition to the much-loved game, it turns out that the stakes are also very popular. For those of you who intend to play soccer gambling, you should pay attention to a few things first. In order to win when betting soccer betting.

The beginning of soccer gambling was when people liked to guess which team would win. But gradually the game was used as a betting arena. However, with current technological developments, soccer gambling has developed a lot, from being able to be played online with many players to the types of games that are developing, not just guessing who wins.

Correct Score Betting Tips from online soccer gambling agent

Correct Score Betting Tips from online soccer gambling agentCorrect Score Betting Tips from online soccer gambling agent

To increase your chances of winning even a little bet, you can copy some of the tips circulating on the internet. That said, these tips were obtained by people who were lucky to win the soccer gambling bets they participated in.

Someone who plays by applying tips alone can’t necessarily win, especially if you don’t have one. It’s like shopping without a budget and a price list that can make your expenses swell or even forget important things, as well as betting without a plan. Let’s look at the explanation of the tips below.

Have Multiple Accounts

Referring to a popular business and investment quote, “ don’t put eggs on one bucket” means that you shouldn’t focus on one place. If something happens at that place such as an unwanted risk, you will immediately lose completely and have no hold on it anymore. It’s different if you divide it into several places, one place may lose, but the other place can benefit.

If it is associated with online soccer betting, then it is better to have multiple accounts. The more accounts and bets you make, the more chances of winning going forward. It could be that from the 6 accounts you have, there is 1 account that has won the bet. However, maybe you need a little more capital because it means you have to spend betting money for each account.

Expand Ball Information

In doing a forecasting or forecasting in any field, such as, economics, business, consumer behavior, trends and lifestyles, even the outcome of a bet requires information. There is a lot of information that you can gather in order to get closer to the right guess on the final score of the football match you want to bet on.

One of the information that will be collected is in the form of the final score results from the previous matches of the two teams, with this information you can assess how the ability and average score they produce. From here you can draw conclusions and get the possible results of the match scores that the two teams will get later.

How to play and see football soccer gambling online

How to play and see football soccer gambling onlineHow to play and see football soccer gambling online

Before you start with just guessing the betting numbers, it would be better if you know a little about how to play soccer gambling on the condition that you guess correctly to be able to win the bet. Usually betting covers the entire match which means if there are two innings then the score you guess is after the second half is over. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t just guess the first round, it all depends on the provisions of each online and offline soccer bookie.

Lowest score

If you feel that both teams are even and will not get a score, you can also choose a 0-0 score which is the lowest number in the correct score bet . Any combination of numbers can be used, the important thing is that you are sure that you will win this gambling game. Scores scored due to player fouls and unintentional acts, such as own goals and penalties will still be counted in the official final score.

Any Other Score

In soccer gambling games that are held online or offline, you will often hear the term Any Other Score which is abbreviated as AOS. So, do you know about the AOS? AOS is another score that is not listed in the score list offered by the market or bookie you are playing with. If you think about and guess the score that turns out to be AOS, you can apply to the bookie or service provider. No need to worry or surrender to the existing scores.

Correct Score in Other Sports

In general, this type of bet on soccer gambling can also be used for betting on other sports. Sports that can be bet on in the form of correct score include horse racing, which is no less popular among bettors , tennis, which has two scoring markets where you can choose between the number of sets or the number of games in each set, and ice hockey, which is almost similar. with bets in soccer gambling both online and offline.

Correct Score Betting For Those of You Who Like Football Gambling

Correct Score Betting For Those of You Who Like Football GamblingCorrect Score Betting For Those of You Who Like Football Gambling

One of the most popular and popular sports betting is soccer betting . This is because the number of fans of this sport from year to year, even from hundreds of years before. Soccer betting is a form of pleasure in welcoming and doing everyone’s favorite thing. Football betting is like people who welcome the world cup by buying accessories for the team that is playing, wearing team jerseys , or even being willing to fly from abroad to see the match in person.

Considering soccer gambling has long been done by previous people for hundreds of years, making this gambling has many developments and variations. One of them is the variety of types of bets that have various forms and formulas. One of them is the correct score which, when interpreted in language, means the right score.

About Correct Score Gambling Online

Compared to other popular types of bets such as handicaps and over/under , this one seems more difficult and challenging for some people. The reason is because in the correct score bet type , bettors or bettors in all types of gambling games must guess the score correctly and correctly. Maybe, if you are someone who can predict, this will be very easy for you.

Did you know that if you don’t have supernatural powers or are beyond reason, you still have a chance to win the Correct Store bet . Although it can’t be 100%, but if you manage to do the existing tips, the chances are less than 0.

Types of Football Gambling Betting

Types of Football Gambling BettingTypes of Football Gambling Betting

After you know the history of soccer gambling, you also need to know about the various types of soccer betting bets. The reason is, online soccer betting is not limited to guessing which team will come out the winner. These various types of soccer gambling bets have their respective goals. For more details, read on for the explanation below.


The first type of bet in soccer betting is handicap. This type of soccer gambling bet is the most popular of the other types. The reason is, this bet is the most simple and easy to do. The trick is just to guess which team will be the winner.

To be able to win this type of soccer gambling bet, you need to be updated about football news. That way you can know the performance of the team that is playing. So, you can guess which team will win more accurately. In fact, you can even subscribe to a football newspaper to know the performance of other teams.

Over Under

The type of soccer gambling bet that is no less popular, the next one is over under. When translated into Indonesian, this game is called more or less. Then what is meant by more or less in this game?

As the name implies, this game is very easy. You just have to guess over or under . For example, in an ongoing match, the bookie gives 3 goals for this game. So you only need to guess, whether the total goals, when the long whistle is blown are under 3 or over more.

half time

Online soccer betting bets that you can follow are half time or half matches. As the name implies, this type of bet is only half a match or 1 × 45 minutes. The rules of the game are the same as for handicap betting, but only for matches.

For example, you guess you are following a half time bet. Later you have to guess who the winning team is when one round is over. Even though in full time, your chosen team loses, but if half time wins, then you still have the right to win.

Odd Even

As the name implies, odd-even or odd-even is a type of soccer betting bet that only needs to shoot between odd or even. So, you need to guess., the score generated in a match is odd or even.

For example, when you follow an odd even soccer bet, you choose odd or odd. But in a match the score is 1-3 which means the total is 4. Then your guess is wrong, because the right one is even or even .

Correct score

The last type of soccer betting bet is correct score. The method is quite easy, namely guessing the score of a match. If odd even guesses whether it is odd or even, then over under guesses whether it is less or more, then this trauma requires predicting the exact score of the match.

For example, a soccer bookie will make bets ranging from numbers 1 to 4 for a match. Bettors need to think in advance how many goals will be created, you can choose Numbers 1 to 4. If you think that the score that will occur in the match is more than the number given by the dealer, then you can use AOS or any other score to choose the number .

A Very Profitable Mix Parlay Ball Betting Game

A Very Profitable Mix Parlay Ball Betting GameA Very Profitable Mix Parlay Ball Betting Game

Very Profitable Mix Parlay Betting Game. The ball betting game is one of the most popular gambling games. Where this soccer betting game is always a game for gambling lovers. What’s more for those who like soccer. judi bola resmi Of course, this soccer betting game is their friend when watching the football match.

With the existence of online gambling games, it is easier for gambling fans to channel their hobbies. All you have to do is register with an online gambling agent where you can play online gambling later. Likewise with the internet network that is always connected to you to do your online gambling. Register immediately at a trusted online gambling agent that gives you a sense of security when playing your gambling game.

In online gambling, soccer betting is a type of gambling game that has a lot of fans. Where in online soccer betting, agen bola terpercaya there are many types of bets in online gambling. That way you are more free to choose which type of soccer bet you will do to win. Likewise with the benefits that you get from these online gambling agents who always give you bonuses and discounts when gambling online.

Indeed, there are many types of soccer bets that are available at online gambling agents such as. Handicap, Mix Parlay, Over / Under, Even / Odd, Correct Score, 1×2, Total Goal, Super Combo and many others. In addition to soccer betting at online gambling agents, there are also many types of gambling games that you can do later. There are Casino, Poker, Togel, Cockfighting, Fish Shooting and so on.

So you have many advantages if you vent your gambling hobby by playing online gambling. You will feel calm situs judi terpercaya if you do your gambling online. You are not difficult to go to gambling places to play gambling that is vulnerable to being exposed to a network of police officers.

Some things that are profitable in mix parlay bets

Moreover, soccer betting is often done by its lovers when the match takes place. These football betting fans will feel less comfortable if they watch football matches without betting. You can now make your soccer bets when the match takes place by playing at an online udi agent. Later there will be a market for the match at an online gambling agent.

However, on this occasion we will discuss a very profitable Mix Parlay Betting Game. Where we all know that the Mix Parlay soccer betting game is a very profitable type of bet. This Mix Parlay provides you with a large winning prize if you are able to win it. In addition, this Mix Parlay game can also be done by playing many types of soccer bets in the 1 Mix Parlay package.

So you can play Over / Under, Even / Odd, Handicap, 1×2 bet types in one Mix Parlay game at once. So you are also given the convenience of choosing which type of bet you will place for the taruhan bola match so that you win. In this Mix Parlay game, you will be asked to bet Parlay 1 for a minimum of 3 matches. If the match you choose is getting more and more in your Mix Parlay package, the winning prize will be even greater later.

Because in the Mix Parlay bet, every match you choose is the winning value is calculated based on the odd value of each match in your Parlay package. You must remember that only one match in your package is a loser. Then your Mix Parlay Package is considered to have failed or lost. daftar sbobet So be selective in choosing the match and the type of bet you will make in your Mix Parlay soccer bet. That’s our explanation of the Very Profitable Mix Parlay Betting Game. Hopefully, with the publication of this article, you can add your insight into Mix Parlay soccer betting. Thank you very much for the time and steps you have given to visit our article.

Belajar Hitungan Rumus ODDS Bola

Belajar Hitungan Rumus ODDS BolaBelajar Hitungan Rumus ODDS Bola

Seperti yang sudah kita ketahui, saat bermain judi bola online sangat mungkin mempengaruhi nilai odds profit. Bahkan setiap pasar sepak bola memiliki metode penghitungan rumus odds yang berbeda. Selain itu, dalam beberapa jenis prediksi bola online, terdapat odds bola positif dan negatif. Bahkan situs judi bola online sudah menghitung hasil kemenangan judi bola. Namun, Anda tetap harus mengetahui rumus dari judi bola ini. Dengan cara ini Anda mengetahui kata sandi peluang sepak bola yang dapat digunakan untuk menghasilkan keuntungan besar.

Jadi mari kita bahas semuanya di semua pasar langkah demi langkah. Penjelasan dengan menampilkan contoh gambar memudahkan para pemula dan mereka yang sedang meningkatkan keterampilan taruhan mereka untuk memahami. Mulailah dengan membaca pengetahuan tentang odds, formula untuk menang di bawah bola, mengoper bola dan cara menghitung taruhan bola lainnya.

Penjelasan Dasar ODDS dalam Judi Bola Online

Pahami odds (kunci) dalam taruhan bola online. Odds (Kunci) adalah nilai koefisien dari taruhan taruhan olahraga. Biasanya dikaitkan dengan angka, terkadang tanda plus dan minus (+-) digunakan. Semuanya kembali ke jenis peluang dan di mana kita memilih pasar bola. Jadi bisa kita simpulkan bahwa odds adalah peluang berupa angka desimal dan berdampak pada pendapatan yang akan didapat. Dan seperti disebutkan di atas, peluang juga dapat dinyatakan sebagai khei dalam bentuk angka negatif (-).

Selain itu, nilai odds dapat diartikan sebagai alat ukur bagi tim yang akan mengikuti permainan. Tujuan dari benchmark ini adalah karena kita juga mengetahui bahwa tim sepak bola memiliki keunggulan yang berbeda-beda. Dengan cara ini, odds dan nilai khei dapat tercipta untuk menjalankan sistem taruhan bola yang adil antara kedua belah pihak. Bahkan dalam taruhan bola online ada istilah yang disebut handicap, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama voor/vooran. Dan handicapnya juga berupa angka desimal, kita hanya bisa menemukannya di beberapa jenis taruhan. Karena itu, jika odds memberikan sistem taruhan yang adil. Dan nilai handicap lebih untuk hasil permainan. Namun, dua hal ini diciptakan untuk memberikan sistem perjudian sepakbola yang adil.

Namun, Anda harus tahu satu hal. Tolok ukur hanya menjadi tolak ukur dan tidak dapat dijadikan sebagai penentu kemenangan dalam suatu pertandingan sepak bola. Karena seperti kata pepatah lama, bola itu bulat. Jadi kita tidak bisa memprediksi kemenangan tim sepak bola, itu 100% akurat. Di atas adalah beberapa penjelasan dasar tentang peluang judi bola online. Nah berikut ini adalah cara menghitung rumus odds taruhan bola untuk beberapa jenis pasaran.

Cara Menghitung Nilai ODDS Kei pada  Judi Bola Online

1. Formula odds handicap atau nilai odds positif Jika Anda memasang 100 di Arsenal dan handicap nya 0-0,5 atau -¼ (minus seperempat), peluangnya adalah 1,05. Oleh karena itu, jika Anda kalah, saldo Anda akan dipotong berdasarkan jumlah taruhan. Artinya 100 taruhan Anda akan langsung hangus karena kalah. Namun, jika Anda memenangkan taruhan, Anda akan mendapatkan keuntungan 1,05 (peluang) x 100 = 105. Dengan cara ini saldo pulsa Anda akan bertambah 205, termasuk dana yang sudah terpasang sebelumnya.

2. rumus handicap khei atau nilai odds negatif Jika Anda bertaruh 100 untuk Everton, handicapnya adalah -1,13 dan peluangnya adalah -1,13. Jika Anda menang, maka Anda akan mendapatkan keuntungan 200, termasuk modal terpasang. Namun jika kalah, maka cara menghitung kerugian Anda bisa menggunakan rumus berikut: 1.12 (peluang) x 100 (taruhan) = 112. Kemudian saldo Anda akan dipotong 112, karena nilai odds negatif memiliki pajak yang disebut khei.

Perhitungan ODDS Pasaran Ganjil / Genap

Seperti taruhan handicap, pasar ganjil-genap juga memiliki nilai odds positif dan negatif. Jadi di sini adalah cara membaca dan menghitung peluang di pasar paritas bola. Lebih mudah untuk membaca peluang dan peluang daripada handicap karena tidak ada nilai dalam taruhan ini. Jadi pada contoh gambar di atas, kita bisa melihat nilai odds pada tabel ganjil dan genap. Jadi rumus untuk menghitung peluang positif dan negatif di pasar paritas adalah sebagai berikut.

1. Peluang positif (+) Jika Anda memasang odds dengan odds positif 1,00 ketika jumlah taruhan adalah 100. Maka kemenangan taruhan Anda adalah nilai odds x jumlah taruhan = 1,00 x 100 = 100. Maka saldo kredit Anda akan bertambah 200 (termasuk modal). Jika Anda kalah, maka total kerugian Anda didasarkan pada taruhan, yaitu 100 tidak dikalikan dengan nilai odds.

2. Peluang negatif (-) Jika Anda memasang angka ganjil dengan nilai odds negatif -1,11 pada jumlah taruhan 100. Maka jumlah taruhan yang menang sama dengan taruhan itu, yaitu 100 tidak dikalikan dengan nilai odds. Dengan cara ini, saldo kredit Anda akan bertambah 200 (termasuk modal). Namun jika kalah, maka jumlah taruhan yang kalah adalah nilai odds x jumlah taruhan = -1,11 x 100 = 111. Dengan cara ini, saldo kredit Anda akan terpotong 111, karena nilai odds negatif dikenakan pajak atau biasa disebut khei.

Perhitungan ODDS Pasaran Over Under

Di pasar harga ultra-rendah OU ini, ada juga nilai yang telah ditentukan. Oleh karena itu, ada beberapa penjelasan dan kondisi yang berbeda dengan jenis pasar lainnya. Untuk lebih jelasnya kamu bisa membaca pembahasan tentang Over Under Ball. Namun, untuk membaca dan menghitung nilai odds pasar ultra-rendah, seperti yang ditunjukkan di bawah ini.

1. Peluang negatif (-) Jika Anda bertaruh dengan odds negatif -1,35 dan jumlah taruhan adalah 100, hasil kemenangan sama dengan taruhan 100. Maka saldo kredit Anda akan bertambah 200 (termasuk modal). Namun, jika kalah, jumlah infus adalah nilai odds x jumlah taruhan = -1,35 x 100 = 135. Dengan cara ini, saldo kredit Anda akan terpotong sebesar 135, karena odds negatif dikenakan pajak atau biasa disebut khei.

2. Peluang positif (+) Jika Anda memasang taruhan dengan nilai odds positif 1,19, jumlah taruhannya adalah 100. Maka total taruhan yang menang adalah nilai odds x total taruhan = 1,19 x 100 = 119. Maka saldo pulsa anda akan bertambah 219 (sudah termasuk modal), jika kalah maka total kerugian anda sama dengan taruhan yaitu 100.

Perhitungan ODDS Home Away Draw

Maka pasaran selanjutnya adalah 1×2 yang artinya seri di kandang dan tandang. Di pasar jenis ini, tidak ada nilai odds negatif, sehingga lebih mudah untuk menghitung nilai odds untuk jenis taruhan ini. Dan untuk penjelasan lebih lengkap mengenai pasaran ini bisa anda simak cara bermain judi bola 1×2 dan peluang ganda, itu penjelasan lengkap dan bertahap. Rumus untuk menghitung odds pasar 1×2 adalah sebagai berikut.

Jika di Barcelona vs Manchester United, bertaruh 100 di seluruh putaran dengan nilai odds 5,20. Maka rumus untuk menghitung kemenangan Anda adalah (nilai odds – 1) x total taruhan = (5,20 – 1) x 100 = 4,20 x 100 = 420. Namun, jika Anda kalah, saldo Anda akan dipotong dari jumlah taruhan, yaitu 100. Untuk menghitung tingkat kemenangan di babak pertama, kami menggunakan rumus yang sama.

Ini adalah beberapa metode untuk menghitung odds pada bola 1×2, dan Anda dapat menggunakannya sebagai ilustrasi. Untuk menghitung nilai odds untuk jenis pasaran lainnya sama dengan taruhan 1×2 diatas. Namun ada beberapa jenis pasaran Mix Parlay yang memiliki kondisi dan cara perhitungan nilai odds yang berbeda dengan jenis taruhan lainnya. Dengan cara ini, Anda dapat membaca penjelasan tentang diskusi lengkap dan bertahap tentang pasar izin campuran.

Rumus Menghitung Prediksi Bola

Rumus Menghitung Prediksi BolaRumus Menghitung Prediksi Bola

Sebagian besar pemain taruhan bola online dapat mempercayai bahwa pemenang menggunakan rumus perhitungan dengan benar dan tepat. Ada banyak cara untuk menghitung rumus prediksi bola online ini. Kami akan memberitahu Anda bahwa salah satu rumus perhitungan ini berasal dari pengetahuan kami tentang pasaran judi bola online itu sendiri. Jangan anggap enteng! Meskipun sebenarnya banyak sekali pasaran judi bola online dan mudah untuk dipahami. Namun pada kenyataannya masih ada beberapa bagian pasaran yang harus dipahami dengan menggunakan rumus perhitungan, seperti:

Rumus Menghitung Pasaran Handicap Asia

Handicap yang paling terkenal adalah Asian Handicap/HDP dengan menggunakan sistem Voor, dimana tim yang bertanda merah menunjukkan keunggulan/handicap tim, dan tim dengan indikasi titik biru (menerima voor) menunjukkan keunggulan/handicap agen sbobet terpercaya. Level Voor selalu meningkat 1/4 atau 0,25 poin. Berikut ini adalah hierarki jenis pasar awal HDP:

  • Voor 0.0: Tim tidak memberikan syarat untuk voor.
  • Voor 0.0.5: Jika sebuah tim melempar/menerima 1/4 bola, jika hasil akhirnya seri/seri, tim yang menyerahkan voor akan dianggap kalah 1/2 dari nilai taruhan, dan sebaliknya Hal yang sama juga berlaku.
  •  Voor 0.50: Jika sebuah tim memberi/menerima bola mutlak voor 1/2, jika hasil akhirnya seri/seri, tim invoice akan dianggap kalah semua, dan sebaliknya.
  • Voor 0.5-1: Dalam kasus tim yang melempar/menerima 3/4 bola, jika hasil akhir hanya selisih 1 gol, tim yang melempar bola akan dihitung sebagai pemenang 1/2 dari taruhan nilai, dan sebaliknya.
  • Voor 1.0: Ketika sebuah tim memberi/menerima bola mutlak, jika hasil akhirnya hanya 1 bola, kedua tim memberi/menerima bola akan dihitung seri/seri. Level selanjutnya, berdasarkan kondisi di atas, akan meningkatkan level 1/4 voor point, tetapi level target akan meningkat seiring dengan peningkatan level.

KET: (a) 0-0,5 = 1/4, (b) 0,50 = 1/2 (c) 0,5-1 = 3/4, (d) 1-1,5 = 1 1/4, (e) 1,50 = 1 1/2, (f) 1,5-2 = 1 3/4

3 Rumus perhitungan:

1. Rumus pasar Asia = odds x jumlah taruhan Jika odds 1,33 dan jumlah taruhan Anda 100.000, maka: 1,33 x 100 = 133 ribu. Oleh karena itu, total pengembalian kredit pada akun Anda (jika Anda menang penuh) adalah 233K (bersama dengan modal). Catatan: Anda memenangkan 133.000 + 100.000 modal. Jika Anda kalah, kredit Anda akan dipotong 100.000.

2. Rumus setengah menang (peluang hitam x jumlah taruhan): 2 = (1,33 x 100): 2 = 133: 2 = 66,5 ribu, kembalikan pokok 1,665 juta (jika menang setengah).

3. Rumus perhitungan pasar Eropa = (peluang – 1) x jumlah taruhan / (peluang x jumlah taruhan) – modal.

Rumus Menghitung Pasaran Over Under / OU

Pasaran Over Under (OU) adalah pasaran yang hampir mirip dengan HDP, di mana Anda dapat menemukan pasaran untuk menebak apakah jumlah gol dalam permainan lebih tinggi (lebih) atau lebih rendah (lebih rendah) dari bursa taruhan pasaran yang disediakan oleh tektokbet. Handicap yang diberikan masih termasuk full time (2 putaran normal) dan babak pertama (babak pertama). Angka merah menunjukkan poin penalti, angka hitam menunjukkan bonus. Suku bunga pasaran OU selalu meningkat sebesar 1/4 atau 0,25 poin. Berikut ini adalah contoh hierarki pasaran OU tersebut:

  • 2-2.5: Jika hanya ada 2 gol di hasil akhir pertandingan, opsi pasaran akan dinyatakan gagal dengan nilai taruhan 1/2, dan sebaliknya.
  • 2.5: Jika hanya ada 2 gol di hasil akhir pertandingan, opsi pasaran akan dinyatakan sepenuhnya disita, dan sebaliknya.
  • 2.5-3: Jika hanya ada 3 gol di hasil akhir pertandingan, opsi pasaran akan dinyatakan menang 1/2 dari nilai taruhan, dan sebaliknya.
  • 3.0: Jika hanya ada 3 gol di hasil akhir pertandingan, opsi lebih besar dan lebih kecil dari akan dinyatakan seri. Level selanjutnya, berdasarkan kondisi di atas, akan meningkat sebesar 1/4 poin, tetapi level target akan meningkat seiring dengan peningkatan level. Rumus = (peluang-1) x nilai taruhan.