Situs Judi Online Blog Buy Overseas Stocks Like Tesla TSLA Through Binance

Buy Overseas Stocks Like Tesla TSLA Through Binance

Good News for Crypto Communities around the world. I also had time to think about how to buy foreign stocks online and safely, of course. but now all has been answered. we crypto community can now buy TSLA or Tesla Shares on binance.

For those who don’t know, binance bot is the Crypto Exchange with the largest transaction volume in the world today. here we can buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance Coin BNB etc. the latest update is that we can buy shares like Tesla TSLA.

How Does It Work?

So these TSLA Shares are tokenized in crypto smart contracts. with guaranteed original stock assets kept by the custodian including dividends, so the advantage is that we Indonesian citizens can buy shares like TSLA with a smaller nominal value. and you can buy using crypto, of course, like BTC, ETH.

So each holding of 1 TSLA token in crypto will be worth 1 TSLA Share. maybe is this safe? according to my personal experience, yes (so do your own research) for me Binance is quite safe after I have used the platform for the last 3 years for crypto trading.

and tokenination of this Share is also not only on binance. its competitors like FTX also do the same. With this tokenization, of course, everyone around the world will be able to make purchases and sales.

Besides Tesla TSLA, are there any other stocks?

Over time, of course, there will be many top stocks that will be listed in this Binance tokenization. After TSLA, there will also be a listing of COIN which is a ticker for Coinbase shares (the largest crypto exchange in the US that has an IPO)

According to my prediction, later there will be stock listings such as APPLE, GOOGLE etc. so just wait.